Free booking software for your Plumbing business

Inexpensive tooling is not a pipe dream.

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Here’s a tool that doesn’t suck.

Direct overview for your customers‍

Customers go to your page, choose the items and reserve the time slot that works for them. Your customers will immediately receive a confirmation by e-mail and can immediately add the service to their agenda.

Overview for you

Open your page and immediately see who has made an appointment with you today, tomorrow or next week. You can see exactly who made the appointment, at which email address or telephone number the customer can be reached. Plus, you can also cancel appointments yourself, adjust your opening hours, work area, add services, and set your companies' style.

Clarity for everyone

‍You can set up until when customers can make an appointment. At least 12, 24 or 48 hours in advance? After that, those options will automatically disappear from your page. This also applies to cancellations. You can set how flexible you want to be.

You process payments yourself

Would you rather send a payment link in advance or afterwards, do you invoice later? You arrange the payments yourself, so that you have maximum freedom.

Open works for everyone

You can decide how you want to use it, decide to stop selling for the day. You can customize your page at the touch of a button.

Free, without commission

‍We believe that with rock solid software we can make the lives of many entrepreneurs better. Our reservation tool is free for everyone. In the future you can choose to add paid extras if you want. For example, we will add payments, advertising possibilities and automating your tax returns.


Travel costs

Define your travel costs.

Want to charge a standard rate? Charge on distance? Or perhaps have a minimum price? Or one when it's free? Everything is possible. And the best part, you can combine it however you want.


Provide the services you want.

Manage your price list with services that you offer. Order them like you want, sell extras and show prices. You can choose to add a short description and the duration per item.

Smart routes

Smart routes.

When you deliver you need the smartest route available. You get this out of the box. And your can directly get the route from your favourite maps app.

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